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  Greetings dessert lovers,

I am Tia, a native of Omaha, Nebraska but currently resides in Houston, Texas. I am a complete foodie and not necessarily a big sweet eater....but I recently picked up a passion for delivering Tastee & beautifully decorated treats to those in need. I come from a long lineage of strong women who knew their way around the kitchen and that talent was passed onto me in a different capacity! When I was younger I would sit on the kitchen stairs and watch my mom cook and bake delicious recipes and hope that one day I would be as good. I have always loved to cook and in college would cook for many people to show off my skills but it's a totally different feeling to make and decorate desserts. I honestly wonder how I have time to do any baking with the many activities, events and committe's that I commit to, but if you like something you'll make time for it as my mom would say in so many words!



I started off just making cupcakes and sharing them with my family and co-workers, since those were                    
always a hit I tried to push myself to making cakes! Since am rather strong-minded and determined I figured I would surpass the world of Butter cream and go straight for the hills to the World of Fondant....there is so much you can do with fondant...I absolutely love it! I made my first little cake, it was so beautiful, it was a tribute to my sorority Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. So with my genetics of artisty from my father and my design sense from my mother I came up with Tastee Tee's!
TIA ROBINSON-Owner of Tastee Tee's
Well that's my story in a nutshell, a girl with a passion for baking & decorating turned business woman! I hope that you enjoy the treats that are baked from my hands.....Tia...aka Tastee Tee's!